Southern Most Point

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  • Address:No.50, Eluan Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 94644, Taiwan View on Map
Heading towards Longpan and Jaiyaoshui follow the Southernmost Point's signs to turn onto a small trail, arrive at a secretive forest trail and follow the trail for about ten minute to arrive at the final destination, Southernmost Point (Longitude 120 degrees 50 minutes 0 seconds; Latitude 21 degrees 53 minutes 59 seconds). Standing at the platform of Taiwan's Southernmost Point, you'll be able to see two oceans at once, the Pacific on the left and Bashi Channel on the right. This may not be one of the more popular tourist locations, but it's definitely a place you wouldn't want to pass up when visiting Kenting. Stand on Taiwan's Southernmost Point while embracing the sea on both sides with the ocean breeze blowing to truly take in the richness of this place. There's even a chance to see Bashi Channel's southernmost land: Seven Star Crag!


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Exit at the Jiuru Interchange→Prov. Hwy3→Prov. Hwy1→Shuidiliao →Prov. Hwy1 →Prov. Hwy26→Hengchun→County Rd.200→Chuhuo →County Rd.200A→Gangkou→Fengchuisha→Longpan→Longkan →Southern Most Point