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  • Address:Daguang Rd., Hengchun Township, Pingtung County 94645, Taiwan View on Map
If you see a fishing port, you may find it difficult to comprehend how it got the name of "Houbihu". This is due to how in the past, the residents thought that the port harbor located on the east side was just like a lake located behind their home. Houbihu was a result of translating the language into Mandarin. Houbihu Fishing Port is located close to a junction of cold and warm marine currents, and many types of fish gather here. It's rich in fishing resources, and is Taiwan's southernmost fishing port. It's also the Henchun Peninsula's largest fishing port as well. Every year from April until July, marlins, sailfish, mahi-mahi, and many other species of fish are caught, while from October until March of the next year, swordfish and whitefish are the most abundant. Because of their freshness, sliced sashimi is also quite popular. In order to better suit the tourism business, the inner pier is sectioned off into a yacht pier, which provides sightseeing services. It can take tourists out to sea for snorkeling, seafloor touring, sea fishing, and others. There's even water activities such as jet skiis, sailboats, parasailing, that can be carried out within the inner port. You can also arrange for the boat to take your to Lanyu, or Orchid Island. The intertidal zone here is about 30 meters wide. A particularly large coral colony is mixed within the sands, which is a well-known fish feeding area nowadays. The tropical fish around these areas are more accustomed to and are less afraid of divers, and may even brush against you out of curiosity. It's a relatively popular activity at Houbihu. 


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Exit at the Jiuru Interchange→Prov. Hwy3→Prov. Hwy1→Shuidiliao →Prov. Hwy1 →Prov. Hwy26→Hengchun→County Rd. Ping 153→Qiongma Industrial History Center →Houbihu
Take bus to Hengchun→Hengchun →Take Kending bus→Houbihu