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  • Address:No.43, Zhongshan Rd., Manzhou Township, Pingtung County 94741, Taiwan View on Map
Located within Pingtung County's Manchou Township, Jialeshuei can be compared to a museum for strange rock formations. With the Pacific Ocean as a neighbor, the coastline has been carved into peculiar shapes due to the strong winds and waves. After going through the locals' rich imagination, every bizarre rock has been given a name, such as the Rabbit Rock, Sea Frog Rock, Honeycomb Rock, and so on. If you want to personally recognize these rocks one by one, Jialeshuei Scenic Area provides tour vehicles. The driver will introduce each rock's name and origin along the way. Within Jialeshuei Scenic Area, you can also come across rich ecology. From time to time, Formosan Rock Macaques will appear from the tips of the trees. If the weather is pleasant, you can also spend some time kneeling by the coast and observe the ecology in the intertidal zone. Enjoy the sight of beautiful tropical fish swimming amongst the blue waters. In addition to the rock formations and ecology, Jialeshuei is also a paradise for seafood lovers. Located in the Kuroshio Currents, many large-scale fishes, lobsters, and sea urchins are frequently caught. Beacuse of their freshness, the price also tends to be cheaper. If you enjoy seafood, don't miss out! 


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Everyday 07:00-17:00

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Adults: 100 NTD
Children: 60 NTD
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Exit at the Jiuru Interchange→Prov. Hwy3→Prov. Hwy1→Shuidiliao →Prov. Hwy1 →Prov. Hwy26→Hengchun→County Rd.200→Chuhuo →County Rd.200A→Gangkou→Jialeshui
Take Bus→Hengchun→take Kenting bus to Jialeshui