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  • Phone:+886 8 861 4615
  • Address:No.61, Zhongzheng Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 92942, Taiwan View on Map
Wetland Park is located in the center of Liuqiu Island, just beside the Biyun Temple. There is a well by the temple named the Longmu Well (the "dragon eye" well), from which spring water flows restlessly all year long. Locales then decided to build a ecological wetland park using these waters. The continuous flow of water keeps the environment of the wetland park comfortable all year. It feels especially cool and calm walking on the slate walkway shaded by bamboo grove.

The Longmu well in the wetland park is regarded as a holy spring by Liuqiu locals due to its position with good "feng shui" and its ceaseless flow of water. People often come here for cups of holy spring water then take them to Biyun Temple for blessings. Usually the spring site of Longmu well is restricted for entering. So if visitors want to taste the water of Longmu, they can go directly to the Biyun Temple to ask for the blessed water.


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3.搭臺鐵至屏東站下-轉搭屏東客運(往東港)至東港碼頭站下。 東港碼頭-搭船-小琉球。 

1.東港-小琉球 (1)公營交通船:東港(08)833-7493;小琉球(08)861-1825。 (2)民營交通船:(08)832-5806。 (船班資訊 http://www.liuchiu.gov.tw/main-c-d-2.htm )