Biyun Temple

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  • Phone:+886 8 861 2298
  • Address:No.61, Zhongzheng Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 92942, Taiwan View on Map
Liuqiu isn't a big island by size, but there are more than seventy big and small temples on the island. As shown by the number of temples, religion is a crucial part of Liuqiu inhabitants’ daily life. Biyun Temple, which majorly worships Quan-Yin Bodhisattva, is located at the center of Liuqiu island and serves as the most important religious center for the local people.  Liuqiu inhabitants come here asking for advice and blessing from fortune slips for reasons ranging from marriage, funeral, festivals to personal illness and fruitful fishing trips.

Biyun Temple sits on top Mount Daliaozhang, between Shangfu Village and Dafu Village. During the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty (1723~1735), a man named Tian moved from Takao (old name for Kaohsiung) to this island. He built a thatched cottage on this land, which is the current location of Biyun Temple, and kept flock for living. One night, he dreamt of Guan-Yin Bodhisattva from Mount Putuo telling him to build a temple on this land. Tian then woke up and gathered people around the island to plan on donating his land and building the temple. In the first year of Qianlong (1736), the original temple was established and named the Quan-Yin Pavillion. A statue of the Buddha is crafted and settled here for future worshiping. The efficaciousness of the temple made it popular among islanders since then.


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3.搭臺鐵至屏東站下-轉搭屏東客運(往東港)至東港碼頭站下。 東港碼頭-搭船-小琉球。 

1.東港-小琉球 (1)公營交通船:東港(08)833-7493;小琉球(08)861-1825。 (2)民營交通船:(08)832-5806。 (船班資訊 )