ChungAu Beach

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  • Phone:+886 8 861 4615
  • Address:Sanmin Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan View on Map
There are amazing beaches on the island of Little Liuqiu everywhere. Chungau Beach is located on the east side, between Lobster Cave and Baisha Cave. It is one of the major beaches on the island, and is very close to the downtown area, therefore becoming the top choice for many tourists looking for fun beach hours.The continuous pale sand of Chungau Beach is mainly composed of ocean sediments such as reef debris, oramanifera (a form of plankton), and shell fragments. There are plenty tourists paddling and resting on the beach on weekend and weekdays. Spotless white sand and the blue ocean make the beach full of tropical island flavor. Besides playing with water, you can also come to Chungau Beach for biological observations of the intertidal zone and night tours. The tourist center of Little Liuqiu provides the daily flowing and ebbing time of tides for reference if you wish to explore the amazing creatures of the intertidal zone.


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3.搭臺鐵至屏東站下-轉搭屏東客運(往東港)至東港碼頭站下。 東港碼頭-搭船-小琉球。 

1.東港-小琉球 (1)公營交通船:東港(08)833-7493;小琉球(08)861-1825。 (2)民營交通船:(08)832-5806。 (船班資訊 )