Black Dwarf Cave

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  • Phone:+886 8 861 4615
  • Address:Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan View on Map
Liuqiu island is abundant in coral reefs, a kind of limestone, a character that makes the island full of caves. One of the most famous caves is the Black Dwarf Cave, located on shore of Tien-fu village at the island's southwest area. There are many legends about Black Dwarf Cave, and after generations of passing them down, different versions have been created, one after another. The most well-accepted story dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Zheng Chenggong (the "Koxinga) came to Taiwan to recover it from the Dutch. On their way out, the Dutchmen abandoned black slaves in this cave, and the slaves settled down right here afterwards. It is said that during the Qing Dynasty, tables, chairs, beds, and bowls made out of stone were found in the cave, as well as silverwares and jewelries. However, the entrance of Black Dwarf Cave had collapsed and blocked people from entering. It wasn't until 1975,  when the Liuqiu village office started to exploit the cave that it was successfully turned into a must-see spot on the island. Black Dwarf Cave is long, narrow, dark, and very damp. It is highly recommended to enter only with a flashlight brought by yourself or one rented from the vendors at the entrance. 


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Everyday 7:00-18:00

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General Admission Ticket: NTD 120
Discount Admission Ticket: NTD 80
Group Admission Ticket: 100
One ticket for Beauty Cave, Shanfu Ecology Corridor, Wild Boar Trench Ecology Trail, Black Devil Cave all scenic siteson the island.
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3.搭臺鐵至屏東站下-轉搭屏東客運(往東港)至東港碼頭站下。 東港碼頭-搭船-小琉球。 

1.東港-小琉球 (1)公營交通船:東港(08)833-7493;小琉球(08)861-1825。 (2)民營交通船:(08)832-5806。 (船班資訊 )