Shanfu Fishing Port

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  • Phone:+886 8 861 2501
  • Address:Duzaiping Rd., Liuqiu Township, Pingtung County 929, Taiwan View on Map
What is there to do at Xiaoliuqiu? Shanfu Fishing Port may be a suitable option. Aside from the port, there's also a shallow bank to the left that children may play in. while to the right, there's a long intertidal zone located just beyond the seawall. Located along the shoreline is Shanfu Ecological Path. At the end, there's a fortress, which is a great platform for admiring the scenery. Shanfu Fishing Port is located at the end of a small path just beside Fuan Temple. Many unique coastal landscapes are located near the port such as the mushroom-shaped pillar or small sea caverns. Salt from the sea water can also be dried in the nearby potholes underneath the intense sunlight. The ecological path in the past used to be a military-controlled area, but was converted into a path for tourism so that visitors can simultaneously take a walk and enjoy the seaside views, all while still feeling the military vibe. However, due to the activity of recent tourists, the amount of Xiaoliuqiu's ecological species have lessened. There is a quota on the number of tourists that may visit, with a daily amount of 300 being allowed every day. But if you can take part in specialized tours, it's also a way to make your journey more pleasant, as you learn about the organisms in the intertidal zone. 


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3.搭臺鐵至屏東站下-轉搭屏東客運(往東港)至東港碼頭站下。 東港碼頭-搭船-小琉球。 

1.東港-小琉球 (1)公營交通船:東港(08)833-7493;小琉球(08)861-1825。 (2)民營交通船:(08)832-5806。 (船班資訊 )