Wufengqi Scenic Area

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  • Address:Wufeng Rd., Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County 262, Taiwan View on Map
Wufengqi waterfall is one of the very famous scenic spots in Jiaoxi, Yilan. Behind the waterfall, five mountains are seated side by side, whose shape is like banner, so it is called Wufengqi, which means "five-mountain-banner" in Chinese. Wufengqi waterfall, which is about 100 meters in length, is right between the five mountain peaks. It is divided into three sections, each of which has its unique scenery. The most magnificent waterfall of Wufengqi is the highest section, which is 50 meters in length. Looking up at the top of the waterfall, you can see the water falling down from the source in the canyon. This feeling of magnificence and marveling cannot be realized unless you have experienced it in person. The second section pierces out from the cliff, and is around 30 meters in length, forming a small pool naturally and the water falling down transparently. Moreover, there is also a zone for children to play with water in the entrance of the scenic resort, which is a place suitable for all family members. Besides, above the scenic resort is the Sacred Mother Villa, which attracts many sightseers who are not “Pilgrims” due to its marvelous vision of scenery and its beautiful mountain climbing path. In addition to appreciating the magnificent waterfall when you come to the Wufengqi scenic resort, there is another more secluded paradise besides it. Walking upward the path beside the Village God Temple near the entrance for approximately an hour, you can arrive at the source of the waterfall with several pools, and beside the pools are campgrounds of small scale which are called “Wufong Dell” by the mountain climbers. The water is so tasty and sweet that many climbers often bring the water out of the mountains to brew tea, and the nice tea brewed from the wonderful water is even more refreshing. 


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1.Prov. Hwy9→Jiaoxi→Dachung Rd.→Wufengqi
2.Prov. Hwy2→Toucheng→Jiaoxi→Dachung Rd. →Wufengqi
3.Nat'l Hwy 5→Exit at the Toucheng Interchange→Jiaoxi→Dachung Rd.→Wufengqi
TRA Jiaoxi Station→Wufeng Rd. about 3km