Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area

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Taipingshan is located in the southwest of Datong Township, Yilan County, covering an area of 12,631 hectares, with an elevation close to 2000 meters. Yhe mountain range was called "Miannao", an Atayal Aborigine term meaning "green and luxuriant, or thriving and flourishing with dense forest". In the old times, the mountain range was listed along with Alishan and Baxianshan as one of the three major timber fields in Taiwan. The Taipingshan timber field was transformed into Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area in 1982, after the lumber business came to an end.

Entering Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, starting from Tuchang Toll Station, the visitors will first see Formosan sweet gum, camphor , Japanese mallotus, and other types of subtropical rainforest trees. Further into the forest to the vicinities of Bailing region, the vegetation turns into a mixed forest of coniferous and broad leaf varieties, such as Formosan michelia, China fir, Taiwan red maple, and Taiwan red cypress. Upon nearing Taipingshan and Cueifong Lake, a full physiognomy of coniferous forest is in view, with the rich and precious ancient forest composed of various species of cypress, Chinese hemlock, false cypress, and Japanese cedar.

With such a rich forest resources, Taipingshan offers the spectacular view of remarkable fauna as well as flora. There are birds of the seasonal and migratory types, and some of the Taiwan endemic rare species, such as mikado pheasant, Swinhoe's blue pheasant, and gray-faced woodpecker. In addition to the birds, there are various mammals and insects in the area, including the Red Listed species of broad tailed swallowtail butterflies, common bluebottles, and tiger beetles, it is, therefore, not uncommon to see bird watchers and the observers of animals and vegetation here.

Riding "Bong Bong Train" (old logging train) and entering the "Maosing Native Fern Garden", the visitors can get off the train and hike along the trail circling the forest to enjoy the sight of some 78 species of pteridophytes, or fern and fern allies. Interpretation signs are erected to help a better understanding of the special flora. To provide a more in-depth experience of the forest ecosystem, Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area has established a comprehensive network of trails since 2003 for nature lovers to explore the beauty of Taipingshan.








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Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Yilan Interchange → county Rd 192 → Prov. Hwy 9 → Prov. Hwy 7 → Prov. Hwy 7A → Exclusive Highway Yi-1 → Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area
Take the train to Yilan or Luodong Railway Station, continue by Kuo-kuang Bus (bound for Taipingshan) to Taipingshan stop. (only run on holidays)