Wuwei Port

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  • Phone:+886 3 990 4383
  • Address:No.76, Lingjiao Rd., Su’ao Township, Yilan County 27047, Taiwan View on Map
Wuwei Port is a swampy wetland covering an area of 108 hectares. It just happens to be located on the route of the migratory birds during the fall and winter seasons. It's also one of the major areas for Taiwan's wild geese and duck to spend the winter due to its abundance of aquatic plants and animals acting as food supply. Wuwei Port's natural resources and blessed environment have made it a place for a wide variety of birds. As a result in 1993, the country's first water bird conservation area was established here, and actively works to restore Wuwei Port. Nowadays, the facilities here differ from those of other areas, featuring a birdwatching terrace, birdwatching cabin, explanation by Yueming Elementary School, birdwatching alley, birdwatching fort, and more. From time to time, birdwatching activities will also be held here as well as bird surveys. Wuwei Port's culture and education assocation will also provide volunteers who will give visitors tours and explanations. The best time for birdwatching at Wuwei Port is around the autumn and winter seasons (October-December), as that is when a large number of migratory birds will stop here. As soon as you enter Wuwei Port, you can feel the simple and rustic countryside vibe. The streets are clean and tidy. There's temples, serving as the community's center of belief and elderly folk gathering underneath banyan trees to chat and gossip. It's peaceful and serene, and not suitable for large crowds of tourists, who may disrupt the tranquility. However, it's more suited for small groups slowly traveling around. Those who are interested in birdwatching can observe at the terrace. The location is not easy to find though; its located at No. 111 Lingjiao Road, up a small road next to a private residence. It's suggested that you make an appointment for a tour guide in advance, as Wuwei Port's culture and education association has many enthusiastic and hospitable local commentators. They'll gladly tell you more history and stories regarding Wuwei Port. 


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Prov. Hwy 2→Suao Branch, Taipei Veterans General Hospital→Wu Wei Kang
TRA Luodong Station→take Kuoguang Bus 1797→get off at Gangbianli stop