Mystical Lake

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  • Address:Nan’ao Township, Yilan County 272, Taiwan View on Map
Shrouded in fog year-round, and surrounded on all four sides by a mountain barrier, Mystical Lake is considered to be an alpine or high-altitude lake. It's also known as Guihu, or Ghost Lake. It was once formerly the Atayal peoples' hunting ground. But ever since a trail was built in 2013 leading to Mystical Lake, Mystical Lake is no longer as mysterious. From the rear of Baishawan's Visitor Center parking lot, walk for a total length of 1.2 kilometers, and you can easily discover the mysterious lake. The trail along the way is lined with windbreaks and shrubs, and it isn't until you are approaching Mystical Lake that taller trees begin to appear. A pavilion is located amongst the trees of the shore, and it sits underneath the shade of many neighboring banyan trees. You can take the time to rest here for a while: the surroundings are peaceful and quiet, and the lake waters elegant. This is the ideal resting point on the trail. However, as Mystical Lake's water source comes from the rainfall, the water amount has been decreasing over the years, and it's resembling more of a marsh. It'll even dry up during droughts and dry seasons. After walking to the end of the trail, you can end up at Baishawan Beach's observation platform. Landscapes such as Cape Fukuei and Linshanbi can then be seen. 


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Prov. Hwy 9→Nanao→Wuta→Jinyang
TRA Nanao or Wuta staion, then go Jinyang Village by taxi.