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  • Address:Wuhe, Ruisui Township, Hualien County 978, Taiwan View on Map
Hongyeh River and Xiuguluan River converges on the stream terrace southwest of Ruisui Township, Hualian County. It is where the Wuhe Tea Garden is located, with endless tea trees filling the scene and plenty of tea houses lining along the road selling homegrown teas. Wuhe area used to be the trading spot for aboriginal tribes such as the Amis and the Atayal, giving it the name of "sao-ba-din”, which means bartering in the aborigine language. After the Japanese troops arrived, they found the extraordinary environment of this area suitable for growing tea and coffee, and therefore recruited people from Maizuru Harbour, Japan to exploit the region. After the exploitation program ended, the wonderful environment propelled many Japanese to stay, and the area was therefore renamed as Wuhe (the Mandarin pronunciation of the Han characters of "Maizuru”). Oolong varieties are the major tea produce of Wuhe area, including Green Tip Oolong, Jinxuan "Golden Daylily”, Cuiyu "Green Jade”, et cetera. The one-of-a-kind geographical environment of Wuhe grants teas wonderful flavors that attracts numerous tourists to stop by and savor the fragrant teas grown at the Wuhe terrace.


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1.Prov. Hwy 9→Ruisui→Wuhe
TRA Hualien Station→take Hualien Bus→Wehe