Jiqi Beach

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  • Phone:+886 3 871 1151
  • Address:No.6-1, Jiqi, Fengbin Township, Hualien County 97791, Taiwan View on Map
Salt basins formerly belonging to the Amis people are located here, Using the natural topography of Jialu Bay, they stopped here to fetch salt when heading home after hunting. Nowadays, it's become a popular beach for people to come during the summer. The coastline, 3km in length, forms a beautiful arc shape, and is comprised of fine sand. The sands here are soft and suitable for camping, barbecuing, rock fishing, admiring the scenery, and playing beach volleyball. Some people also choose to pay for aquatic sports and activities. It's an ideal place for spending a vacation. Going up from the small northern hill's trail, an observation deck is set up along the way. Gazing out into the sea, you can see the crescent-moon shaped bay's beautiful and sandy black shores, laced with crashing white waves. The sight of black and white meeting on Hualien's coastal area is a rare one. Before entering the seawater bathing area though, you'll need to buy tickets. Camping will also incur additional charges. The area features showers and camping grounds, both of which are very convenient. If you just want to observe the beauty of the landscape, you can walk from the trail to the observation deck, free of charge. There's even a parking lot here, so there's no harm in parking here as well. 


Opening Hours
Jun. to Oct. 08:30-17:30

Ticket & Guide

Adult: NTD 100
Concessions: NTD 80 (Hualien resident)
Discount Ticket: NTD 50 (Students)
Group Ticket: 80 (Group over 10 members)
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1.Prov.Hwy 11→Fanshuliao→Baqi→Jiqi
1.TRA Hualien Station→take bus→get off at Jiqi Beach Stop