Tobaco Building Cultural Village

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  • Address:Darong 2nd Rd., Fenglin Township, Hualien County 975, Taiwan View on Map
Fenglin, Ruisui, Ji-an, Yuli, and Fuli Township have been the major tobacco planting areas of the coastal range since the Japanese colonial period. As a result, many tobacco barns were built for processing tobacco. As the tobacco industry declined,  most of the tobacco barns were left unused or even abandoned. Feng-lin's habitants and local government worked together to preserve these historical buildings and even transformed the area into an organised tobacco barn settlement. The tobacco barns at Feng-lin Township is now recognized as one of the densest and most well-preserved villages, consisting of all styles of tobacco barns, such as those built with red bricks and those painted completely black. In the old age, tobacco barns were the symbol of wealth; the more barns a family possessed, the wealthier they were. The tobacco barns were often built high to increase the storage space, and there was often a steeple on top of the building, which is associated with fumigating the tobacco leaves. These features give tobacco barns their unique architecture style. The town of Feng-lin is full of surprise. Different styles of tobacco barns are scattered through the town, many are well-preserved, some are still inhabited by local people, and a few are even transformed into hostels. It'd  be a nice choice to stay at one of these tobacco barn hostels and experience the exotic atmosphere of old Japanese buildings.


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