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  • Address:Inside of Taroko National, Xiulin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan View on Map
If you've seen the steep topography of Hualien's Central-Cross Island Highway, then you can surely imagine how difficult it must have been to create the roads back then. On the Central-Cross Island Highway's main route, Dayuling is the highest point due to the many difficulties and dangers encountered when carving a path years ago, and similar to the difficulties Yu the Great (Dayu) faced when taming floodwaters. Due to the hard work of these ancestors, people today can now enjoy the beautiful landscape encircling all four sides of the mountain. Dayuling, formerly known as "Gehuan Yakou" is surrounded by Yangtoushan, Hehuanshan, Qilaishan, and Bilushan. Pingfeng, Shimen, Qilaijian, and other hills and mountains can be surveyed as well. This place is also an important path when heading towards Taroko National Park and Sheipa National Park. The road here splits into three sections, but also because of its altitude of 2565 meters above sea level, it may snow during winter if the amount of water vapor is sufficient enough. Many people will stop here for a break when heading to Hehuanshan. The famous Dayuling mountain oolong tea here is planted alongside with high-altitude mountain fruits. As a result, the brewed tea will sometimes carry the slightest taste of fruit. How unique is that? 


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Prov. Hwy9→Prov. Hwy8→Guanyuan→Dayuling
TRA Hualien Station→Take bus (to Lishan)→get off at Dayuling stop