Lushui Trail

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  • Phone:+886 3 869 1162
  • Address:Inside of Taroko National, Xiulin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan View on Map
Lyushuei used to be a tribe of the Taroko people, and but is now transformed into a geological museum; Heliou is a prominent camping area of Central Cross-lsland Highway. The Lyushuei-Heliou Trail, a part of the Hehuan Cross-peak Trail, links the two places. During the early ages, Tarok people inhabited the area, and the Hehuan Cross-peak Trail was the major communicating path between tribes. Duing the period of Japanese occupation, the trail broadened to its current width, and also became the heritage site of the Taroko Battle. As Taroko National Park was being established, most parts of the ancient trail heritage were preserved and repaired. Lyushuei-Heliou Trail is gradual and suitable for all ages to hike. However, there is a dim, 30 meter long tunnel as a part of the trail, so entering with a spotlight is highly suggested. Moreover, rocks might sporadically all down on the trail, so tourists are also advised to borrow safety helmets from the Tribe Bay Tourist Service Centre.


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** The Central Cross-Island Highway (Guguan to Deji Section) is currently closed for repairs.
Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Su-ao Interchange → Prov. Hwy 9 → Prov. Hwy 8
1.From Taipei International Airport fly to Hualien on TransAsia Airways.
2.From Kaohsiung International Airport fly to Hualien on Mandarin Airlines.
1.Take a train to Xincheng Railway Station, continue by rental car to Lushui Trail.
2.Take a train to Hualien Railway Station, continue by Hualien Bus (New Hualien Station-Tianxiang Line) to Lushui stop.