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  • Address:Inside of Taroko National, Xiulin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan View on Map
Many people have heard of Alishan's sunrise and sea of clouds, however they may not know that Hualien's Guanyuan is also a great location for watching sea of clouds. Due to Guanyuan's altitude being 2374 meters above sea level, clouds always gather early in the morning and late afternoon above Liwu Creek's watershed. As soon as the morning sun rises and the temperature goes up, it will all evaporate. But after noon, the water vapor from the heated Pacific Ocean will condense once again into clouds and mist, becoming a majestic and vast sea of white clouds. The clouds everyday are large in amount; its an example of the sacred power of the nature cycle. If you happen to be lucky, the water vapor will even spill over Dayuling, becoming a cloud waterfall. Its great billowing waves are beautiful beyond belief. When the sun sets, the clouds will be dyed a bright orange due to the sun light. What a majestic sight! In addition, this place is also where beautiful needle-leafed forests gather. During autumn, everything is red and the mountain becomes dotted with red maples. The most optimal location for viewing Gaunyuan's sea of clouds is located beside the gas station parking lot, which is also a rest stop for those heading up the mountain. As you climb up along with the elevation, the temperature will steadily drop, so this place is a great getaway for the summers as well. The average temperature during July is 16 degrees celsius, so don't forget to wear a jacket! 


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