Zhuilu Old Trail

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  • Address:Inside of Taroko National, Xiulin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan View on Map
Ancient studies scholar Lin Zongsheng once said " Zhuilu Old Trail is a world-class, precious natural heritage and is a place that all mountaineering enthusiasts must visit. " This is the Central Cross-Island Highway's entrance into Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto). A round trip is 3.1 kilometers in length. Zhuilu Old Trail features 500 meters of steep cliffs, comprised almost entirely of marble. It's the Taroko Gorge's most magnificent landscape. You may think that this is an exaggeration, but it really isn't, as Taroko Gorge is composed of marble rock strata within Hualien's geology. As a result of tectonic shifting and plate uplifting, the topography is constantly swelling, while Liwu Creek's erosion has formed majestic precipices. Walking on the old trail, along with the steep mountains, and the rapid rushing of the Liwu Creek: you can admire all of these supernaturally fine works of nature. Zhuilu Old Trail was once the Taroko people's   major connecting road and link between other tribes during earlier times. The original path was even narrower, and could barely accomodate both limbs. Nowadays, the trail is properly maintained. All you have to do is follow the indicators along the way, and you'll reach the steep precipice. Mileage indicators are also shown, letting climbers know their current progress. But due to safety concerns, in order to enter the mountains now you'll have to apply for a permit. On normal days, entrance is restricted to 96 people, an exception to this rule is on  holidays, where the number allowed will be raised up to 156. If the weather is unfavorable though, you won't be allowed to enter either. 


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Prov. Hwy 8→Cimu Bridge
Take Hualien Bus (to Taroko), get o at Cimu Bridge stop