Bai Bao River

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  • Phone:+886 3 822 1711
  • Address:Shoufeng Township, Hualien County 974, Taiwan View on Map
Lao Stream and Bai Bao Stream are both upstream water sources of Li-yu Pond. Clear water from Central Mountain Range and appropriate conservation plan have preserved most of the natural ecology of Bai Bao Stream,  attracting numerous tourists with its beauty every year. Strictly speaking, Bai Bao Stream is the upstream of Lao Stream. The place is the origin of "Taiwan blue jade”; the green and purple stones on the riverbed are the famous  Fong-tian jades and serpentines. Visitors can enjoy the fun of treasure digging and picking the stone they like while playing in the cool stream. There is also a 7.3 kilometre long bike route near Bai Bao Stream, providing visitors a simple way to experience the combination of cycling, hiking trail, river trekking, ecology, and culture.


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Hualien City→Prov. Hwy 9C→Liyu Lake→Laoxi Bridge→Chongguang Bridge
TRA Hualien Station→take bus to Beibaoxi Bridge