Nengao Cross-Ridge Historic Trail

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  • Phone:+886 49 236 5226
  • Address:Xiulin Township, Hualien County, Taiwan Between Tunyuan and Jiabeng Mountain View on Map
Nengao Cross-Ridge Historic Trail, is a trail that rivals that of Hehuanshan in Taiwan's mountaineering community. West of Nantou's Wushe, it crosses the Central Mountain Range and runs down to Hualien's Xiulin Township. It was carved out early on by the Seediq peoples as they crossed over the Central Mountain Range in order to engage in trade. It can be seen as Taiwan's Silk Road. It was also later utilized during the Japanese occupation era, so that a path to a higher garrison could be built. Back then, it was this garrison road was the most expansive and steady trail. Nowadays, it has also become a rather popular route on Nengao Cross-Ridge Historic Trail. In order to cross the trail, you'll need to set aside three days and two nights. Although the slopes are easy to traverse, it's still best for newcomers to travel within a group due to the dangers of inadequate preperations on a mountaineering trip. Even on a hot summer day, the temperatures on the mountaintops can be as low as ten degrees, and of course winter would be even colder, and you may even need to walk on top of snow. This trail's characteristic quality is its numerous suspension bridges. The canyons are vast and majestic, and the landscape exceptional. There's layers upon layers of sea clouds, billowing up and down. In addition, the alpine forests here are quite abundant. The plantlife from low altitude up to higher altitudes are varied, and there's even a chance of discovering the traces of the Chinese muntjac. 


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1.From Taichung, to Nantou. Take Prov. Hwy 14→Puli→Wushe→Tuanyuan
2.From Hualien. Take Prov. Hwy 14→Longjian→Panshih→Duanyen→Chilai