Mizhan Old Road

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  • Address:Mizhan Sec. 1,, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County 974, Taiwan View on Map
Mizhan Old Road is actually a mountain trail, and was a major road used during the Japanese occupation era to connect Shuilian and Shoufeng. Through this mountain trail, agricultural produce was delievered to a rice pallet (mizhan), before being transported to other areas. Back then, rice was the most commonly transported good, which saw the rise of the portering industry as well as the name of "mizhan". After the Provincial Highway 11 was opened, Mizhan Old Road was abandoned for a while. It wasn't until later that one of its sections was restored. The section that is open today is the first 1.7 kilometers, entering Shoufeng. The trail doesn't feature any or stone or cement pavement, so some parts may not be easy to traverse. It does, however, incoporate guardrails to hold onto. There's indicators all along the way that tell you how much you've progressed; it's as if they're encouraging you to go on. Around 400 meters in, there's a small lookout platform where you can overlook the creek waters and the distant mountain range obscured by white clouds. At 1700 meters, the terminal platform offers a wider field of view, and is a good place to stop for a break You may have sweat quite a bit along the way, but you are reminded of the porters back then who travelers 7 kilometers and how exhausting it must have been. You can take the same path for your return trip, at the entrance there's Mizhan Elementary School and a bicycle rest stop, where you may rest for a while. 


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