Moon Cave

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  • Phone:+886 3 878 1022
  • Address:No.35, Shitiping, Fengbin Township, Hualien County 97792, Taiwan View on Map
Moon Cave is a naturally formed chandlier cave in the Moon Cave Recreation Area near the Port Tribe. It was formed by the unifying of two crags, and therefore it offers the special “single line of sky” view that prompted the Amis people of Port Tribe to give it the name of "the well of the moon". The tribe used to hold rain-praying ceremonies at the cave, making it a special spot for the Amis people. After years of earth movement, the two crags are now completely combined into one. The cave is 70 meters in total length, with underground water flowing through. In the deepest end of it, you can enter a small boat under the guide's supervision, and with shine of a flashlight you can see the colony of bats occupying the top of cave, as well as stalactite and fossilized swallow nest on both side of the crags.


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Prov. Hwy 11→Shihmen→Shihtiping→Yuedong
1.TRA Taitong Station→take bus to Hualien→get off at Shihtiping stop
2.TRA Hualien Station→take bus to Jinpu→get off at Shihtiping stop