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Xiaoyeliu is located at the north side of Fugang Fish Market, and it is the east coast's southernmost scenic attraction. The unique terrain formed from the erosion of the ocean is one of the main reasons visitors flock here. It's called Xiaoyeliu due to the geology and topography here being similar to the north coast's Yeliu. Xiaoyeliu is mainly made up of sandstone, but it isn't the proper geological composition of the Philippine sea plate that it sits on. The sandstone here is considered an exotic rock that was mixed in during Taiwan's formation. This area is a mixture of sandstone and mudstone. The geological changes turned the sandstones upside down, and then covered by corals on top of years of erosion from the sea, giving it a peculiar appearance with sharp geometric lines throughout the rocks. Within Xiaoyeliu's scenic area there is a building with a slanted roof: this is the visitor center. They have displays in the center explaining the land formation, rock specimens, and an introduction to Xiaoyeliu's special geological formation process of this area. Before visiting here it is recommended to check out the geological landscape exihibition room. Taket he time to educate yourself on distinguishing between different kinds of rocks before going out the sea. There all sorts of bizarre rocks here from tofu rocks, honeycomb rocks, to mushroom-shaped rocks. On clear days you may be able to see Green Island when gazing out towards the sea. In addition to the visitor center the scenic area has also set up a barbeque area, and there are shower areas as well. For visitors who don't want to leave, staying overnight at the scenic area is allowed, so enjoy the barbeque and the night sky. In the recent years locals have launched "Interview with Xiaoyeliu", a nighttime guided tour that's held from May to October. Get to know Xiaoyeliu's night time environment with a knowledgeable guide.


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Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Su'ao Interchange → Prov. Hwy 9 → Prov. Hwy 11
TRA Taitung Station → Dingdong Bus (bound for Jingpu,Chenggong, Taiyuan) to Xiaoyeliu stop.