Bitan Scenic Area

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  • Address:Bitan Scenic Area, Xindian Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan View on Map
Bitan is a well known tourism and sightseeing spot within Taiwan's New Taipei City, Xindian District. It gained it's name from the Hakka people living in Xindian; who called ith either Chibitan or Shibitan. When local poet squire Cai Yulin met with friends for poetry reciting, the name was changed to Bitan. In the older days, Bitan was once one of Taipei's 8 major scenic spots. The Xindian Creek flows through Bitan and its cliffs and hills. Although Bitan is called "tan" or lake, it is not actually lake terrain. Rather, it's because the terrain has caused a relatively wide river. Once, on top of one of Xindian Creek's tributaries, Beishi Creek, a jadeite reservoir was built, causing a severe decline in Bitan's water level and  destruction of landscape. As a result, a weir was built under Bitan Bridge to help with its water flow and quantity. Therefore, the Bitan today can be seen as something similar to man-made lakes. In earlier years, Executive Yuan head Sun Ke inscribed onto a huge rock, located on Bitan's west shore , the two characters for "Bitan". A pavilion, built on top of the rock, is called "Biting". The riverside's huge rock, nicknamed "Xiaochibi", and the Bitan suspension bridge are two of Bitan's most important scenic spots. The west shore has the Zhenai Pier, which provides tourists with rowing, swimming, fishing, and other activities. Experience for yourself the leisure and relaxation of water transporation from the past. There's also a water-side trail, as well as viewing and observation platforms. In addition, the original tea businesses on the waterfront were reorganized and changed into a bustling neighborhood. At night, the multi-colored lights of the Bitan suspension bridge looks just like a rainbow spanning across the water. Bitan also happens to be the starting point of one of New Taipei City's many biking trails. Departing from Bitan, follow along the Xindian Creek and you can directly ride to the Dahan River and Tamsui River, the furthest point you can reach being New Taipei City's Bali District. Along the way there are bicycle stations, where you may rent a bike. 


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1. Nat'l Hwy 1 → Exit at the Yuanshan Interchange → Jianguo Rd. → Xinhai Rd. → Keelung Rd. → Huanhe Rd. → Beixin Rd. → Xindian Rd.
2. Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Xindian Interchange → Zhongxing Rd. → Beiyi Rd. → Xindian Rd.

THSR Taipei Station (TRA Taipei Station) → MRT Xindian Station