Paposogan(Seashore Park)

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  • Address:Datong Rd., Taitung City, Taitung County View on Map
Taidong's Seashore Park was originally a landfill, but was later successfully transformed into a green leisure space. The site is large and is covered in vast meadows, with large photo frames, unique landscapes made of driftwood, and a men's hall donated by Palau, symbolizing the friendship between the two countries. There's also a Roman-style Baosang Pavilion located here. Viewing the sea from above is another type of scenery that you can admire. Singer Zhang Humei, also known as A-Mei, who returns to her hometown every year, hosts a free concert at the pavilion and the park then is always packed with people, and the scene filled with liveliness.  On normal days, the park's atmosphere is very tranquil. On nights with a full moon, you can watch the moon rise from the sea surface. The moonlight shining on the sea is quite enchanting. Woven from bamboo, the Tree of Life emits purple light at night, and its mysterious ligth and shadows make it a popular spot for photographers. However, the Seashore Park does not offer much shelter, and the sea breeze can be powerful. Taidong's Forest Park is located to the side, and many people enjoy riding a bike between the two spots. You should try it out as well! 


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Take Taitong Tourism Shuttle bus, get off at Paposogan(Seashore Park) stop