Taitung Forest Park

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  • Address:No. 300,Huatai Road,Taitung City View on Map
Taitung Forest Park is the most charming park in Taitung, located at the edge of Taitung District. With ironwood trees swaying in the wind and beautiful lakes and wetlands, it's a destination that will bring peace to all visitors. It's only takes a few minutes drive to get to Taitung's downtown by following Mahengheng Blvd. There's not alot of man-made landscaping in this park, but it's full of beautiful trees. It's very suitable to ride a bike or jog beneath the shades of these trees. There are three lakes within the park: Pipa Lake, Huoshui Lake and Yuanyang Lake. Following the bike trail south after a few winding lanes you'll arrive at the beautiful and serene Pipa Lake. Pipa Lake is the only natural lake formed due to to tidal factors. It's a valuable wetland, and great for a stroll or for sitting quietly in the pavillion to meditate. Not far from Pipa Lake is Houshui Lake, a large man-made lake. It's large enough to be used for the Dragon Boat competition and triathlons yearly. The family swimming area has a set time they open, and is very suitable for the summer. Going west on the bike path is Yuanyang Lake; this lake combines leisure and wetland activities. The backdrop of the lake are emerald green coastal mountains, these natural sceneries are not to be passed up and Taitung Forest Park can be a destination you spend all day in. It's worth to reminisce about. 


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Prov. Hwy 9→Prov. Hwy 11→Mahengheng Blvd.,
1.TRA Taitong Station→take bus, then get off at Taitong Hospital Stop
2.Take Taitong Tourism Shuttle bus, get off at Paposogan(Seashore Park) stop