Luye Plateau

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  • Phone:+886 89 550 797
  • Address:No.145, Ln. 42, Gaotai Rd., Luye Township, Taitung County 95541, Taiwan View on Map
With a suitable climate, terrain, and proper draining environment, Yong-an and Long-tien Village in Luye Township have been developed into a tea-growing area since the early age. Luye Gauta Tourism Tea Garden, spanning over a hundred acres, is now one of the most well-known tea growing areas in Taitung. After admiring the view of the verdant tea garden and tasting some fresh Luye tea, you can now set off for the grassland area to enjoy another attraction of Luye Gauta that you shouldn't miss. There is a grassland with excellent view on the highland. Aside from being the site for paragliding since more than ten years ago, the grassland even starts to hold the "Hot Ballon Carnival”every May through August in recent years. Different shapes of hot balloons from all over the world would launch every dawn and evening. You can casually choose a spot on the  grassland or seek for some coolness from the shadows of the pavilion while waiting for balloons to launch. However, whether the hot balloons set off or not requests approval from a specialist, according to the weather condition. So if you'd like to experience the unparalleled sensation of floating in the mid-air in a hot balloon, it would be best to choose a windless, not rainy day to visit in order to increase the chances of your plan succeeding. 


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