Marongarong Tribe

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  • Phone:+886 8 989 6200
  • Address:Donghe Vil., Donghe Township, Taitung County View on Map
Marongarong Tribe is also known as the Donghe Tribe. It is located in Donghe Village, Taitung, sitting right beside the Donghe River. Marongarong means "rushing stream" in the old aboriginal language. Donghe River is abundant in fish and shrimps and has  fertile creekside soils, making the Amis people decide to settle permanently here. Nowadays, local habitants have organised a series of experiencing activities that enable visitors to experience traditional tribal life. There are a variety of spots to visit in Marongarong Tribe, such as touring through a traditional aboriginal hay cottage, searching for the precious sapphires in the forest, or visiting Mawucu Stream under Donghe Bridge to try riding a traditional bamboo raft and net-fishing in traditional ways. These activities help you understand the tribal life in depth and and will also help you learn to appreciate the way ancestors lived and interacted peacefully with mother nature. The cottage in the tribe also provides accommodation and aboriginal style meals.


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Take Dingdong Bus (to Dulan, Chenggong, Changbin), get off at Donghe Bridge