Moonlight Inn

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  • Phone:+886 8 953 0012
  • Address:8,No.420,Dulan Vi.,Donghe Township,Taitung County View on Map
Moonlight Cafe is a Japanese style wooden building hidden on the hillside of Mt. Dulan, the sacred mountain for the Amis people. Directly facing the deep blue Pacific Ocean, the cafe possesses captivating scents of secret and elegance. It is also a shooting scene for the movie "The Moon Also Rises." The two story wooden building is the perfect representation of Japanese elegance. The Enchantress Gallery is located in the Japanese building, the entire space is full of thick but relaxing artistic scents. All creations here are free and limitless, just as written on the website of the Enchantress Gallery: "Moon appears from the east sea, silver waves dance to the Mt. Dulan of blackish green, where beautiful enchantresses sing. They are not monsters luring sailors, but the instinct of souls of you and me, symboling the dire of creation, the awakened creativity of women, the energy of life of free women.” Sitting by the door and enjoying a cup of coffee with special desert, everything seems to be a dream to you. The infinity of artistic creativity and the Pacific Ocean in front of your eyes creates the perfect place on Mt. Dulan for one to relax herself. There is also a handcraft shop in Moonlight Cafe. The counter is made of drift wood, demonstrating unique creations of all styles. For your next trip to Dulan, it would be a nice choice to visit Moonlight Cafe. Go north along the Highway No.11 for around a 30 minutes ride from Taitung City, follow signs to the Dulan heritage, then you'd find the arrows leading you uphill to the hillside Moonlight Cafe that will promise you a different view of Dulan and the Pacific Ocean.


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Exhibition hall - Everyday 10:30-17:30

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Take Dingdong Bus (to Dulan, Chenggong, Changbin), get off at Dulan Stop. Then walk 3 KM