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  • Address:Bailian Rd.,Sanxian Vil., Chenggong Township, Taitung County View on Map
On the way to the Sanxiantai there’s a cross road marked by a small sheep made from driftwood that signals travelers to a small romantic village “Bixilian”. Bixilian (Pisilian) is a tribe of the Amis. In their language “Sili” means sheep, Pisilian means “to raise sheep”. The villagers here are predominately sheepherders or fishermen, but when the government established Sanxiantai as a tourist scenic area their way of life was threatened, so the Amis people begin moving out. Until recent years the children from the tribes begin learning a style of drums called paw paw, and formed a band. This establishment gradually begins to attract more people to return home. Paw paw refers to usingrecycled floats, fishing nets, and sheepskin made drums. These cheaply made drums can compete evenly with the expensive drums anywhere, and no two drums are the same here. Have you heard of Jimmy Liao? The Taiwan illustrator came to Bixilian and fell in love with this place. Across all corners of the village he drew the characters from his book (Xiaomi and Aji) from the book of Afternoon of Going into Spring. Come find these characters yourself, let them guide you across this village. The locals would say some people would get drunk and erase the painting by accident, even though kind pedestrains would try to repaint the drawing, but it never feels quite the same. If you are interested in music, you have to come and witness this group professional group of young children performing on their paw paw drums. Their music is filled with their own unique style and vitality. It's not a sound you can find just anywhere. Aside from the paw paw drum performance, recently the village began a fishing village experience to allow visitors to learn more about this adorable little village.


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Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Su-ao Interchange → Prov. Hwy 9 → Prov. Hwy 11
1.TRA Hualien Station → Hualien Bus (bound for Taitung, Chenggong) to Sanxiantai stop.
2.TRA Taitung Station → Dingdong Bus (bound for Jingpu) to Sanxiantai stop.