Xingang Rainbow Waterfall

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  • Address:Sanmin Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County 961, Taiwan View on Map

Xingang Water fall is located at Taitung’s Chenggong Village. Its height is about 200 meters, and it’s one of Taiwan’s ten most famous falls. Due to the abundant of water that splashes out during the morning sun it looks like it's shooting out rainbows, so the dreamy name of "Rainbow Waterfall," was coined.
Xingang Waterfall's old name was Mapeilou Waterfall; it's at the end of Mapeilou trail. The word mapeilou in the Amis language means barren because of a tsunami that happened a long time ago making the area look like it has been scorched.
If you want to get to Xingang Waterfall you have to pass the Mapeilou trail, this trail is an extremely fun trail that requires you to utilize your whole body. The length of the trail is 1160 meters. Goers will pass through a river and climb a little, but it's well worth the work. The trail is built along the mountain terrain, taking most of the building material from surrounding areas without using chemicals to process any of the materials to not contaminate the water, and for the sake of the environment here. Plants and animals that aren't often seen at other trails can be seen here, and goers would also pass Xingang Baixi which has lots of valuable minerals, such as very special imperial stone which is formed from remains of dead ocean creatures through years of pressure, Earth's crust movement and the erosion of the water.
Mapeilou trail's difficulty level is high intermediate, the first half is mainly a hike, the second half is along the river canyon, but there aren't any deep waters or rapids on the route, it's exciting, but not dangerous. No need to be too nervous, but having a local guide that knows where to go is recommended to be fully prepared. Rainy days and typhoon days can cause flash floods, please don't go during those days.


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Prov. Hwy 11→Chenggong→Township Rd. Tung 18→Sanming Rd.→Furong Rd.→Township Tung 16
Take  Dingdong Bus (to Jinpu, Chenggong), the get off at Sanming Elementary School stop. Walk 6 KM.