ChengGong (XingGang) Fishing Port

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  • Phone:+886 89 851 152
  • Address:No.19, Gangbian Rd., Chenggong Township, Taitung County 96143, Taiwan View on Map
ChengGong Town's old name was "Maipeilou", a name from the Amis language. In the Japanese period it was renamed XinGang Fishing Port, it's the most important and the largest fishing port of the eastern coast. Known for being sailfish, dolphin, sharks, and other large fishes. However, fresh fish products aren't the only thing that reason visitors here. Everyday around three in the afternoon fish auctions is one of the important reasons people show up.
ChengGong Fishing Port faces the sea with a mountain behind it, The Kuroshio and Oyashio Currents meet at the outer sea thus, making the fishing even more plentiful here. Every year from the end of March to June is the peak fishing season. October is the Northeast Monsoon season and with it comes flocks of swordfish will surface; it's a spectacular view. It's also worth mentioning that ChengGong Village's fishermen still uses harpoons to fish displaying the traditional seafarers' power and beauty, it's definitely one of ChengGong Fishing Port's unique characteristic.
XinGang Fishing Market is a building shaped like a bow of a ship. Every afternoon afternoon all the boats returned to port and finished unloading the market will be open for business. It will be bustling with people. Swordfishes and tuna that are as large as people are arranged on the ground, occationally you could see some scary sharks lined up as well. Professional buyers will jump in line first to pick out fishes by using a tool to sample a small piece of the flesh to ensure the fish's quality (like sampling cheese). The whole auctioning process is very festive, worth a watch.
Other than fishing, ChengGong Fishing Port is also an important location for whale watching on the East Coast. Whale watching boats starts at 7 A.M, a boat comes every two hours, 3 shifts a day takes off towards to the whale watching marina. After about half an hour into the ride you should be able to see whales and dolphins frolicking in the waves, inducing squeals and excitement.
In additional to all that ChengGong Town's residents are 53% Ami aborigines, so when July and August arrives a traditional Ami Harvest Festival will be held. Harvest Festival is an important annual event for the Amis, to give thanks to each that year's harvest and pray for next year's harvest. There are alot of different activities within the festival, activities such as traditional dance and musical performances. Don't miss out this special cultural feast!


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Nat'l Hwy 5 → Exit at the Su'ao Interchange → Prov. Hwy 9 → Prov. Hwy 11
1.TRA Hualien Station → Hualien Bus (bound for Chenggong) to Chenggong stop.
2.TRA Taitung Station → Dingdong Bus (bound for Chenggong) to Chenggong stop.