Yan Zi Lake

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  • Address:Below Guishan bridge, Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan View on Map
The upper reaches of the Xindian Creek contains two major tributaries: the Nanshi Creek and the Beishi Creek. In the vincity of Guishan's Wannian Bridge is where they merge into the Xindian Creek. Many beautiful lakes are created along the way, with Yanzi Lake being one of them.  Yanzi Lake is an artificial lake formed as a result of a power plant construction. Both the environment and scenery are beautiful, and because many flocks of swallows gather here, the area is known as Yanzi (Swallow) Lake. The sluice dam stands in the creek, and regulates the volume and flow of water in the Xindian Creek, while a nearby mountain village- Guangxing was built according to the mountain topography and dam. After descending Guishan's bridge, the artificial constructions will start to blend in with Yanzi Lake's natural beauty. In addition to the lush green landscape and the wild bird and insect ecology, the stream meandering through the mountains is like a gift from the gods. When the stream water flows through the valley between the lowlands, an inverted image of the mountain summit can be seen reflected on the ripples. This is also considered another element of natural beauty. On top of a hill on the west side of the lake is a well equipped paradise: there's a small boat for the lake where you may partake in fishing. You may also enjoy a barbecue while admiring the bright waterscape scenery, as well as other leisurely activities. It's a good place to let loose and relax on a weekend or holiday. 


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1.National Freeway No. 1→Yuanshan IC. → Jianguo Expressway → Keelung Overpass → Xinbei Expressway → Bitan→Xinwu Rd.→Feitsui Shueiku(Feitsui Reservoir)→Yanzihu
2.National Freeway No. 3 → Xindian IC. → Beixin Rd.→Sec.1 Beiyi Rd.→Turn right to Xinwu Rd.→Guishan Bridege

1.Taipei Train Station → Xindian Passenger ( Xindian line) → Beixin Rd. → Xinwu Rd.→Guishan Rd.。
2.Xindian Passenger ( Xindian line)Taipei, Zhongshan S. Rd. → Roosevelt Rd. → Beixin Rd. → Xinwu Rd.→Guishan Rd.3.MRT Xindian Station → interchange Xindian Passenger to Xindian → Beixin Rd. → Xinwu Rd.→Guishan Rd.