Jin-Zhen mountain

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  • Address:Dawang Rd., Taimali Township, Taitung County 963, Taiwan View on Map
Lily flowers that resemble golden needles have always been the Taiwanese peoples' favorite plant to use in food. Jinzhen Mountain, located in Taitung County's Taimali Township features good environmental conditions, and therefore the quality of its golden needles are good and the output abundant. It was a crop that farmers in the past relied on to make a living. During the summer and autumn lily blooming seasons, the entire mountain is covered in gold-orange lilies and dazzle when underneath the sun. Apricots and cherry blossoms bloom during the winter, decorating the mountain in a sea of white and pale pink. Mist fills the air, giving the area a mysterious and extraordinary vibe. During spring and early summer, the mountain is home to native white lilies. The valley becomes filled with the rich fragrance of lilies, soothing those who come to visit. Taimali Township is located in the easternmost part of Taiwan, and Jinzhen Mountain towers over it from above. The mountain sunrise is another beautiful sight. Farmers were already up and busy before the sunrise, and during the summer and autumn golden needle seasons, they must remove the flower buds before they blossom every day. Jinzhen Mountain is also home to "taifeng tea", and wild aiyu, and both are local flavors that you can't miss out on. The government also hosts a concert every year during the flowering season. With the beautiful mountain scenery and sound of music, your trip will certainly be a pleasant one. 


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1.TRA Taimali Station, rent cars or scooters.
2.Take Dingdong Bus(to Chenggong, Anshuo), get off at Taimali Stop. Then rent cars or scooters.