Jiamuzih Bay

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  • Phone:+886 89 841 520
  • Address:Dulan, Donghe Township, Taitung County 959, Taiwan View on Map
There's an in inconspicuous little bay at the north side of Dulan Bay, it's a place only known by the locals as their own private spot---JiaMuzi Bay. Although the bay is small, but it’s as beautiful as a beautiful landscape painting, unbelievably beautiful. Crystal clear blue water paired with the unique East Coast gravel beach, it's a place that no one should miss a chance to take a photo. JiaMuzi Bay can said the bay of all bays. It’s a calm sea ideal for canoeing and other water activities (not the jumping jerky kind of activities though). There are beautiful coral reefs on the north side of the bay that attracts a ton of marine life with a wide variety. Very well suited for shallow water snorkeling. On the other hand JiaMuzi Bay is the location for Ami tribe's Kilumaan(Sea Festival), and also their place for weddings ceremonies (bagerian). The Ami name for JiaMuzi Bay is kamod meaning to catch or to take, it representives the marine life here is the easiest to obtain and it's a sacred place left by their ancestors. If you can't stay long when you come here, you could take a few photos sitting at the cliff side pavillion, or go on a secret small path to get to a gravel beach with rocks that are unique to this area where some white jade and other jades are mixed in stones. The sunrise and the sunset here are both breathtaking, some people even make their way from the otherside of Taiwan to catch the New Year sunrise here!


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Prov. Hwy 11, 148KM
1. Take bus (to Taiyuan, Changgong, Jinpu), the get off at Donghe Stop
2. TRA Taitung Station, take Dingtong Bus(to Taiyuan), then get off at Taiyuan Stop