Ba-Dai Bay

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  • Phone:+886 89 73 1669
  • Address:Between Hongtou and Yuzin trin View on Map
Ba-Dai Bay spans at the southwest side of Lanyu, Hong-tou, and Fisherman’s Beach. Because there is an underwater fault, the surface of ocean appears to be a gradient of different blue. On the seabed sits the popular diving spot, Ba-Dai Bay shipwreck, that divers can’t miss.
In 1983, a Korean cargo ship sunk near Ba-Dai Bay area due to adverse weather. As time goes by, the body of the ship has been completely covered in coral and formed a beautiful reef cluster.
For Yami people, Ba-Dai Bay is a place for more than fishing. Every early summer, Yami people from six tribes will gather here and compete in the carving boat racing contest, showing their spirit of oceanic nation.


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