Langdao Village Yami Tribe Cave Dwelling House

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  • Phone:+886 89 73 1669
  • Address:Langdao, Lanyu Township, Taitung County 952, Taiwan View on Map
In order to adapt to the local ecology, the Tao people of Lanyu have a quite unique way of living. You can see it for yourself at Landao Village.  This traditional dwelling is hidden amongst the green slopes, and only the roof is visible. It's as if they've been buried in the soil, but in reality it is a half-cave dwelling consisting of a main living quarters, work space, and veranda Half of the main living quarters is buried in the cave, and facing the ocean. The work space is located above the cave opening. The veranda in front of the quarters does not feature any walls, and is a common area where the people gather to chat and gossip. This type of house features a complete and working drainage system, and the soil provides both soundproof and heatproof effects. It's cool during the summer, and warm during the winter, and it's even an effective shelter for typhoons, northeastern monsoons and earthquakes. The dwelling is a piece of  work passed down since ancient times. The Langdao tribe is Lanyu's largest tribe. Tribal lands are located both left and right, with the gorgeous Pacific Ocean located ahead. The beach is also a place where Tao sacrificial ceremonies and other important events are hosted. The Tao coexist peacefully with nature, and have developed their own way of life. When visiting Langdao Village, please be mindful of residents in their cave dwellings, and respect the people. Don't wander about freely, and remember to ask for permission first before taking pictures. It's best if you have a local guide accompanying you. After all this place is their life style, so much that even the small black pigs that stroll about on the streets are reared by them! 


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