Yeh-Yin Yami Sunk House

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  • Address:Yeyin, Lanyu Township, Taitung County 952, Taiwan View on Map
Yami people developed special residence style as adaptation to the climate. A traditional house generally includes a main house, a workshop, and a veranda made in rocks and thatch. Nowadays, there are still some houses that is rebuilt in modern materials but retain the traditional architecture style.
The main house is also known as the sunk house, with every structure but roof below the ground. It is said to keep warm in winter and cool in summer, moreover, the most  important function is to avoid the attack of typhoons. The veranda above ground is not only a place for resting but also functions to shelter the main house from rain and wind.
Currently, there are only Yeh-yin and Lang-Dao Tribe on Lanyu that have completely preserved traditional architecture, inhabited with elders who still live a traditional lifestyle. Therefore, please respect their original lifestyle and do not enter or take pictures without permission.


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