Human Rights Culture Park

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  • Phone:+886 89 671 095
  • Address:Right Between Gungguan harbor and General Rock on Green Island (Lyudao) Township, Taitung View on Map
During Taiwan's painful White Terror period, Ludao, or Green Island, was once a location used to contain political prisoners. Despite the democracy nowadays, in the past people had to fight for freedom and many innocents were wrongly framed. Their efforts cannot be forgotten, so as a result during the year 2001, a human rights memorial park was established. It was later named Green Island Human Rights Culture Park to commemorate the development of the human rights movement in Taiwan. The site contains a human rights memorial park and an oasis villa. Sitting in the middle of the park is a human rights monument, which was built starting from the 1999 International Human Rights Day and known as the “Green Island Tears Monument.  It's a symbol of freedom from fear in the new era. Outside the oasis villa is a large piece of stone with the words “Destroy the country” written on it in 4 characters. This was the place of imprisonment for political and ideological prisoners. The towering walls from the old days are still completely preserved, in addition to wired netting, field, assembly halls, and other buildings. The villa displays much historical material related to the White Terror. You can tour the narrow prison with a real life government prison as a model and peer through the thin windows. Feel the shock as you learn that the tiny 5 ping room was in fact used to accommodate more than 10 prisoners! A single toilet was provided without any obstructions, but no tables or any furniture were given. Each person was provided with only one single toothbrush and a steel cup and towel. Up to eight thousand at a time were separated from their families overnight due to them suspected of being spies, and many wrongly put to death. As a result of the tremendous grief and suffering, the Taiwanese people are now more aware of the importance of freedom. Be sure to cherish it! 


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Public Transportation:

1.Southbound: In front of the Hualian Train Station, take the Hualian Intercity Bus or the regular bus heading for Fengbin, Jingpu, or Taidong. Get off at Fugang Fishing Port station and walk to Fugang Fishing Port. Transfer for the ferry towards Green Island. The island features a round-island bus. 
2. Northbound: In front of the Taitung Train Station, take the Taichi Bus or the Dingdong Passenger Bus. Get off at Fugang Fishing Port station and walk to Fugang Fishing Port. Transfer for the ferry towards Green Island. The island features a round-island bus service. 


1.Southbound: Take the Provincial Highway 11
→Head towards Taitung, after 163.5 km get off at Fugang Street→Head to Fugang Fishing Port→Transfer for the ferry towards Green Island→rent local transportation 
2.Northbound: Take the Provincial Highway 11 north for 163.5 km and get off at Fugang Street→Transfer for the ferry or take the plane towards Green Island →rent local transportation