Guanyin Cave

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  • Address:Nanzaihu, Ludao Township, Taitung County 951, Taiwan View on Map
Legend has it that during the Qing Dynasty, a group of fishermen were drifting at sea. From the distance, a fireball was observed, so they headed towards the direction of the fireball, and smoothly ended up back at their point of departure. Afterwards, the exact location of the fireball was tracked down. A large cave was discovered, containing a stalagmite resembling Guanyin. As a result, this cave gained the name of "Guanyin Cave". The stone Guanyin in the cave is a meter tall, and lotus-shaped rocks are at its feet. It's the patron deity for the inhabitants of Ludao. The cave is like a  center for religious beliefs in Ludao, and is located at Ludao's northeastern corner, close to Nanzi Lake. The entire cave is a natural cavern formed by the erosion of rocky cliffs by uplifted coral reefs. It features many stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, and hidden streams within, as well as unique limestone terrain. In addition to the stone Guanyin here, it's said that outside the cave there's even a linked heart tree. A linked heart tree is a symbiotic connection of two trees. The center trunk of the one of the trees is passed through the middle by the other tree, forming a heart-shape. The result is quite unique. When in Ludao, you absolutely have to remember to come to Guanyin Cave for a visit, and admire nature's work here. 


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