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  • Address:In the middle of the east coast in Lyudao Township, Taitung County; at the beach 80 meters below the coast highway View on Map
Haishenping is a bay formed from the remnants of eroded volcanic craters, and you may admire the sight of distinct volcanic terrain here. Haishenping's surrounding crescent-shaped skirt reef is just like wave-breaker. This spot is the most popular attraction on Ludao, thus you can often come across large amounts of tourists and scooters gathered here. A scenery-viewing pavilion is located on the roadside, providing a decent field of view. But it's strongly recommended that  you take a walk on the Xiaochangcheng Trail, as there's many beautiful sceneries. The trail is 400 meters in length, and only takes 20 minutes for a round trip. Along the way, you can look down from above and observe Haishenping. At the end of the trail, there's two scenery-viewing pavilions. Extending to the left, you can admire the Xianren (Immortal) Rock and Pomelo Lake. To the right, is the well-known Pekingese Dog and Sleeping Beauty Rocks. On Xiaochangcheng, you can take advantage of the most optimal angles to view these two Ludao rocks without any obstructions. The seawaters are azure, and if you don't take a picture with Sleeping Beauty, then maybe no one will believe that you've really been to Ludao! In addition, Haishenping is also an exceptional spot for stargazing. With minimal light pollution here, you can come here at night with friends and listen to the sound of seawaves crashing against the cliffs. Look above and gaze at the starry skies, as far as your eyes can see. The vast starry sky and the Milky Way are both guranteed to make it hard for you leave. At daybreak, this place is yet also a great location for viewing the sunrise. No matter what, Haishenping has always been Ludao's hot scenic attraction! 


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