Zhaori Hot Springs

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  • Phone:+886 89 672 510
  • Address:No.167 Wenchuan Road,Green Island,Taitung County  View on Map
Travel along Ludao's cross-island highway, and head south from Haishengping. Located close to the southeastern Fanchuanbi and past Wenquan Bridge is the well-known Zhaori Hot Springs, which the Japanese once called "Asahi Onsen". Due to it directly facing the Pacific Ocean, you can simultaneously enjoy a soak in the springs while viewing the sunrise. The flat land located beside Zhaori Hot Springs is a parking lot, and there's a trail located above it that leads directly to Fanchuanbi. If you want to enter and soak in the springs, you'll need to buy a ticket first. Full price is 200 NTD, and you'll need to remember to bring a swimming cap. Inside, there are also vendors selling swimsuits and simple meals. There's separate restrooms and changing rooms for both men and women and baskets are provided that may be used to store personal belongings free of charge. The facilities inside can be divided into approximately three areas. The first is an indoors bathing area that may also be enjoyed on rainy days. Secondly, there's the main outdoors spa area. The water temperatures aren't high, with various spa facilities that can be used for massages as you view the Pacific Ocean from the blue seawater pool. If you want to get closer to nature, just follow the trail until you reach the beach. This place is close to the spring's water source, and features a high-temperature egg boiling area, as well as three natural springs. The bottom of the springs are primitive reefs. This is the place where Ludao is first greeted by the rays of dawn, so there's no wonder that its so often recommended by others. 


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