Yingge Ceramics Old Street / Yingge Pottery Old Street

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  • Phone:+886 2 2678 0202
  • Address:Wenhua Rd., Yingge Dist., New Taipei City 23942, Taiwan View on Map
Located on the top of the hill off of Wenhua Road, Yingge Old Street is the oldest market place for the Yingge pottery business. The history of Yingge's pottery artistry goes back over two hundred years. Yingge has the title of Taiwan's most scenic town. Their pottery old street gives everyone the first impression of a modern world meeting with traditional architectures, giving a unique feel to this place. In 2000, the city government reorganized Yingge Old Street, transforming it into the beautiful street that it is today. Walking paths were paved; old pottery factories were remodeled and fixed into functioning stores. There are hundreds of pottery shops on this street, and all different sorts of pottery can be found here, from everyday pottery such as bowls and dishes to art fit for the nobles. On weekends and holidays there are events hosted here at random times, usually lasting from noon to five in the afternoon. On Saturdays and Sundays it's pedestrians only, and no cars are allowed in on the Old Street. Many of the shops here provide a DIY pottery experience, and is great for anyone interested in giving the pottery wheel a try. Not only do they offer the pottery wheel, which allows you to shape the clay by hand, painting your own designs and colors are also available. The best part is being able to bring home a gift that's 100% authenticly made by yourself.


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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Sanying Interchange → county Rd 110 → county Rd 114
Take the train to TRA Yingge Station.