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  • Address:Southeast corner., Ludao Township, Taitung County View on Map
Located at Ludao's southeastern corner, there's a three-sided headland surrounding the sea. Walk up from Zhaori Hot Spring's back trail, the entire trip will take around 20 minutes. Enjoy the feeling of the sea breeze on a raised seaside mesa. This is Fanchuanbi, called "Ludao's Carpet". This cute nickname originates due to Fanchuanbi's green grassy meadows. The vast grassland stretches as far as the eye can see and is seemingly endless. Due to the superior geographical location here, this place has become an exceptional sunrise and moon viewing spot. If you can't stand Ludao's intense sunlight any longer, there's also a pavilon here that provides shade. Looking down from above, you can see the shape of Fanchuanbi to the left ahead. The grasslands also sometimes includes mountain goats wandering around. To the left is also the Zhaori Hot Springs. Plainly visible and lacking any light pollution, its also very suuitable for stargazing at night. 


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