Sansia Old Street / Sanxia Old Street

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  • Address:Minquan St., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 237, Taiwan View on Map
Sanxia Old Street is on the south side of MinQuan Street. Most of the structures on this street are from the first year R.O.C. was established, and has been kept up with to this day. Sanxia Old Street is a two hundred meters long time capsule, and just walking on this street can take you back to the past. Sanxia District's Minquan Street was an old business street in its hayday. It has preserved its looks from the Japanese occupation period, which during that time it was renovated and repaved. The renovation changed this area, with new buildings being built left and right and business booming as Sanxia entered its hayday. However, all that remains now are some red brick buildings with old baroque styled façade on the outside, quietly reminding everyone of its glory days. On the Old Street, every house will have different engravings outside. The engravings are usually of the name, address, or business name. The most prevalent engraving for stores are the character for "dye", as in the past dye factories were popular in Sanxia. Here, you can experience the traditional way of dyeing. The natural blue dye that is popular here is made with natural plant coloring and the secret methods of the generations before them to make easy and ever-changing patterns. It's a very special experience. At the end of Sanxia Old Street the blue dye factory can be found,  and there are  hands-on classes held everyday. Everyone is welcome to come and check it out! 


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Nat'l Hwy 3 → Exit at the Sanying Interchange → county Rd 110 → Dazhi Rd. → Zhongshan Rd. → Minquan St.
THSR Banqiao Station (or TRA Banqiao Station) → Taipei City Bus (No. 702, No. 705, No. 812, No. 910) → Sanxia Old Street