Taiwu Mountain

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  • Address:Jinhu Township, Kinmen County 891, Taiwan View on Map
Taiwu Mountain is the only mountain on Kinmen, and is also it's most important combat command and control center. During the time of battlefield control, the small Taiwu Mountain accommodated over ten thousand soldiers. It's certainly hard to imagine! In the area of Taiwu Mountain, you can come across small pillar forts, the Yuan Bei Monument, Haiyin Temple, inverted pagoda, Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga)'s officers and soldiers, and other scenic spots and attractions. However, the most famous of them all is a stone tablet monument, with the words " 毋忘在莒" written on it, and the Juguang Building, both considered to be Kinmen's two big landmarks. Taiwu Mountain's elevation is not high at all, so after you've ascended to the top, you can admire Kinmen from another angle. However, some sections are not easily traversed and do not feature any significant road signs. It's best if you have someone whose familiar with the roads guide you. It's also reccomended that you hike in the early morning or afternoon, to avoid the harsh noontime sun. Hiking during the early morning, you also can view the sunrise. You should set aside 3 to 4 hours for climbing the mountain, and leave some extra time so that you can stop and admire each attraction. You should keep in mind that the trail area's only has an entrance from Taiwu Park, and the only bathroom is outside Haiyin Temple. Don't forget to stop by the bathroom when you pass by, to avoid any emergencies along the way! 


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