Jinchen Old Street

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  • Address:Sec. 1, Juguang Rd., Jincheng Township, Kinmen County 893, Taiwan View on Map
After visiting Kinmen's many historical sites and learning about its war history, you might feel a bit hungry. If you want something good to eat, head for Jingcheng Old Street. This place has been under development since early on, and the city center has left behind many old relics, such as the Filial Piety Lane, military office, academy of classic learning, old Minnan residences, foreign buildings, and fine shops occupied during the Japanese occupation period, in addition to many more. Most are clustered on Juguang Road, Zhupu South Road, and Guangqian Road. From ancient times until now, it has always been very bustling and lively. And as a result, many of Kinmen's characteristic foods and snacks have gathered here. When visiting Kinmen, the must-try food is Guangdong congee. It is rumored to have been bought back by expatriates who engaged in trade in Guangdong. It utilizes coarse rice that is boiled, becoming rice gruel. Shredded pork or meat is added, as well as slices of fish, with egg finally added in addition to green scallion and flaky green onion. The most authentic way to eat it is to pair it with a deep-fried breakstick, Many snacks and refreshments are also located at the market on Filial Piety Lane, such as oysters, deep-fried salty cakes, meat stews, and many more. You can sample them too. Kinmen's meat used in stew is round too, did you know that? 


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