General Liguangqian Temple

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  • Phone:+886 82 322 050
  • Address:Sec. 2, Huandao W. Rd., Jinning Township, Kinmen County 892, Taiwan View on Map
Folk customs often memorialize great individuals, who were given the posthumous title of a god, and even become figures of temple worship. Such a thing sounds like it would only take place during ancient times, yet it still happens on Kinmen. On Kinmen there's an ancestral shrine dedicated to soldiers, in particular, General Li Guangqian, who sacrificed his life while leading the charge during the Battle of Guningtou. Because of his background and his cause, Li Guangqian Temple can be distinguished from traditional temples with its door. For example the stone lions underneath a traditional archway are replaced with a pair of soldiers. The dragon pearl placed above the archway is also replaced with a Kuomingtang party emblem. Several flags are erected in front of the temple that flutter in the wind. Murals depict soldiers fighting bravely in the Battle of Guningtou. Even the god statues are dressed in military uniform. It is said that General Li entrusted directions to build this temple, and intends on protecting it. On the eighth day of the ninth month of the lunar year, is the day when the gods go on procession. The worship hall then is full of flags and banners; it's an activity that's not seen or encountered anywhere else. Red eggs are given out, as well as prayers for good luck. People sent to Kinmen for military service will always visit, seeking for peace and reassurance. Of course, there's always countless rumors regarding General Li when it comes to the army! 


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