Kinmen County Xiyuan Salt Industry Culture Museum

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  • Phone:+886 82 355 763
  • Address:No.1, Xiyuan, Jinsha Township, Kinmen County 89049, Taiwan View on Map
When did Kinmen start developing? Witness Kinmen's history with its salt fields. Kinmen is an island off the coast of Fujian, and the island's salt industry dates back to the Tang Dynasty and the early stages of the Five Dynasties. To this day, it already possesses 1100 years of history. The Xiyuan salt fields were established during the Southern Song Dynasty, and during the Yuan Dynasty it was formally supervised by the government. During that time, salt fields were located everywhere in Jinsha Town. It's the industry that the Kinmen people depend on to make a living. The outdoor exhibition area features two stone tablets with the words "Qingwuzhou Salt Field Ambassador Monument" and "Yongan Bridge Monument " written on them. Although the history has long passed, they are still witnesses to Xiyuan salt field's growth and development. This kind of salt field was abolished during early Republic of China, abandoned for a while. Later on, the Japanese occupied and then rebuilt it, and it was preserved all the way until Minguo Year 84, when it was finally shut down. Nowadays the former salt pool has turned into a nesting ground for water fowls. This area has also preserved railway tracks used to transport salt and trolleys. It's the Kinmen area's only railway track and remaining historical salt field relic. After some rennovations, it has been turned into a cultural exhibtion hall, open to tourists free of charge. The salt field left behind reminds people of the old days. 


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